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Rooter Right Plumbing & Drain has been serving the city and township of Sylvania since its inception. Sylvania is a great community and we enjoy providing service to its residents and businesses. We have many clients who are pillars in the community including Lourdes University, The Sisters of St. Frances, and Centennial Terrace just to name a few. We also hold a City of Sylvania Sewer Tappers License and Bond that permits us to perform Sewer Repairs and Drain Cleaning for any home or business. Let Rooter Right be the solution to all of your plumbing needs. Call anytime to schedule an estimate or consultation free of charge.

Tree City USA, with the trees comes the Tree roots. Tree roots are the number one cause of Sewer Blockages. Tree roots penetrate the aging nylon gaskets that join the individual Pipes that make up your Sewer Line.  Once they penetrate they start to grow and expand with the help of the water running through the Sewer. As they grow and expand they start to act as nets, catching solids and toilet paper in the water as they pass by. Maintaining tree roots is crucial to extending the lifespan of your sewer line. See the Sewer Repair section in the Services Tab for more details.