We do it all!

Perrysburg is one of the faster growing communities in Northwest Ohio. Businesses and Homes are being constructed throughout Perrysburg to accommodate the expanding population. With such growth comes a need of good contractors for construction projects as well as the maintenance of existing properties. We have recently acquired property in Maumee that allows us to be just minutes away from our customer base in Perrysburg.

Opening a shop in Maumee allows us to better serve both Maumee and Perrysburg. Our goal is to be the Plumber of choice for all of the residents and business owners of Perrysburg. The best way to achieve this is to be in-touch with the people in each of these communities, so we moved in. We want to meet our neighbors so we are offering a discount to each and every New Customer in both Perrysburg and Maumee. You can receive 10% off your total bill up to $150.00 just by mentioning this article.